2024 Wellness Treatment Trends: Facial Massage & More

The world of beauty and wellness in 2024 is exciting. At SENSO, we’re glad to see a movement towards less-invasive treatments that unveil your inner glow. According to leading experts, the trends of the year are inspired by natural healing. This includes holistic beauty, simplifying your daily beauty routine, and tapping into the benefits of ancient techniques – like face massage (and more!)
From regenerative skincare to preventive treatments, to an emphasis on relaxation and self-love, we’ll dive into what we can expect to see this year. Let’s get into it.

#1 Regenerative Skincare

Regenerative beauty isn’t new, but we’ve seen it grow in popularity over the last few years, and in 2024, it’s here to stay. This approach involves using treatments and products that tap into the body’s natural ability to heal itself. For example, there are stimulating techniques that boost collagen production to promote skin elasticity. The result is a more long-lasting, youthful appearance – a natural facelift through massage!

Non-Invasive & Natural-Looking

What’s awesome about regenerative skincare is that there are ample, effective, non-invasive treatments available to choose from. That means avoiding anesthetic or going under the knife, with benefits beyond your feelings of wellness or physical appearance. Less-invasive treatments can be less harmful to the body and have less downtime – meaning that you can go about your day after your treatment relatively unaffected.


Another win is that, when performed by a professional, the results are natural looking. Starting the year feeling and looking great is a defining part of these non-invasive techniques. Have a look at SENSO’s list of all-natural face massage treatments to have you feeling like your best self in the most refreshing and relaxing way possible.

Ancient Techniques

Another trend we’ve seen reappear is the use of ancient wellness techniques like face massage and tools like gua-sha. These treatments stimulate blood flow, reduce tension, promote lymphatic drainage, and encourage collagen production, which has an unbelievably smoothing effect on young and aging skin.


At SENSO, our experts bring decades of experience to their three key facial treatments: the FaceBioLift, Buccal or “Intraoral” Massage, and the Total Relax facial massage. Each massage combines time-honored approaches to enhance its effect.


For example, along with trusted face massage techniques, the FaceBioLift treatment option uses a blend of IASTM (a stainless steel tool similar to a gua-sha) as well as tapping into the rejuvenating properties of aromatherapy. View our website or contact our team for a breakdown of the process of each youth and wellness-enhancing treatment.

#2 Preventative Skincare

More people under thirty are taking proactive steps to anti-aging by starting treatments young. This is known as preventative skincare and offers a world of science-backed results. Of course, there are trusted face massage options, but we can’t ignore the benefits of a professional facial.


SENSO offers two facial treatment options: the SENSO Keratolyse Vegetal Peel and the Anti-aging Organic. The SENSO Keratolyse Vegetal Peel uses natural ingredients to provide a remarkable, deep exfoliant, with vegetal extracts to promote tissue regeneration. This facial leaves the skin glowing and revitalized.


The Anti-aging Organic facial is hypoallergenic and ultrahydrating. It also uses moisturizing plant extracts with innovative massage techniques to hydrate and firm the skin, with radiant results. It’s also suitable for vegans.

#3 Mind-body Treatments & a Touch of Aromatherapy

At the heart of it, we believe that beauty shines from the inside out. The way you feel has a visible effect on the way you look. So, we’re relieved to see more of the public become aware of this, with a rise in demand for mind-body treatments. When we are feeling relaxed and destressed, our bodies can function optimally, healing themselves from the inside out while removing toxins and reducing tension more efficiently.


This year, we can expect to see a rise in integrative, holistic beauty and wellness treatments. These approaches use a variety of techniques, including massage, soothing products, and the power of aromatherapy. The process is relaxing to boost mind-body wellness, offering a world of aesthetic and health-enhancing benefits.


At SENSO, many of our face massage treatments use aromatherapy to tap into the senses. All our treatments are performed in a relaxed and professional setting to balance the body and the mind.

#4 Focus On All-over Skin Health

We know that you’re more than a pretty face, and in 2024, we’re glad to see the rise of whole-body treatments. Beauty and wellness experts can expect to see a rise in demand for body related skincare. One way to tap into this trend is through specialized rejuvenating body massage techniques to target water retention, cellulite, sun spots, stretch marks, and loose or sagging skin.


SENSO’s full body treatments cater to much-needed body-care needs. Our Lymphatic Massage does as its name suggests. It’s a non-invasive treatment that stimulates the lymphatic system to release blocked fluid that causes bloating and water retention. It can also have a detoxifying effect on the body. Explore our full suite of natural, non-invasive body treatments on our site – or get straight to it and book yours right away.

#5 Product Minimalism: Moving Back to Basics

A trend we’ll continue to see in 2024 is strengthening the skin barrier. With so many products on the market, some may experience the effects of harsh chemicals and exfoliants that can dry out the skin and damage the skin barrier.


The skin barrier is the outermost layer of the skin and serves as its protective wall. If it’s too dry, it can be prone to eczema, sensitivity, dullness, acne, and premature aging. A great way to strengthen the skin barrier is through methods of hydration, such as that used in JetPeel.


SENSO’s professional JetPeel facial uses state-of-the-art technology to penetrate the skin with highly moisturizing effects. As with all our treatments, it’s non-invasive and taps into the body’s ability to heal itself by promoting overall skin health and, in turn, appearance.

SENSO: A Skincare Love Story

The professional team at SENSO is happy to see the beauty world acknowledge the power of natural, non-invasive skincare solutions. Contact us for expert advice, or book an appointment to experience the healing effects of organic, nourishing ingredients and needle-free treatments today.

You’ll notice a difference in your face, body, and mind. Start the year the SENSO way with a body treatment or face massage in NYC. Our clinic will have you feeling revitalized, renewed, and ever-glowing.