Mindful Pampering: The Art of Non-Invasive Self-Care in NYC

Most New Yorkers love the dynamic energy of the city. But we can all agree that it gets tiring, even after the holidays. Sometimes, time off means traveling, socializing, sightseeing, caring for family, and more. It could also be coupled with a lapse in self-care, meaning we enter the new year feeling more worn out than we ought to. If this is how you’re feeling, you’re not alone.

At SENSO, we’re here to help you rejuvenate after the holidays and beyond so that you can enter the new year looking gorgeous and feeling confident. Read on to learn about our favorite natural, non-invasive body massage techniques to get ideas for your next treatments with us!

The Magic of a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage is a crucial part of wellness. The lymphatic system helps detoxify the body, which is particularly important after the holidays. Lymphatic drainage body massages are relaxing treatments that ease fluids and toxins out of the body so that it can begin to heal itself from the inside out.


Lymphatic drainage has both beauty and wellness-boosting benefits. Of course, less toxins in the skin and body are an obvious health factor. Then there’s also the increase in blood circulation, which not only promotes healing and collagen production but can ease the appearance of cellulite and spider veins. And that’s not to mention the relaxation and stress-reduction properties, easing tension in the body and uplifting the spirit.

This type of body massage can also help decrease bloating, swelling, and water retention, and it strengthens the immune system. What’s not to love? At SENSO Skin Experts, we offer Lymphatic Drainage Massages in NYC for optimal wellness and guaranteed satisfaction.

Cellulite Vanquisher: Anti-Cellulite Secrets

Cellulite massages are a form of body massage that targets areas affected by cellulite specifically. While it cannot completely erase the appearance of cellulite, using swift motions and pressure can disperse toxins and boost blood flow to reduce the appearance, redistributing fat while firming and uplifting the skin. 


Other than the beauty benefits, cellulite treatments are an awesome way to feel better about yourself and your body. Confidence in itself is great for you, giving you all the more reason to care for yourself in the best way possible. These treatments are also a safer, less invasive option to more invasive procedures like liposuction.

Elevating Your Well-being with a Light Legs Massage

For many women, their legs are their biggest insecurity. And as we age, this is one place we are likely to store fat. What’s more, with age comes more responsibility. Some of us may not get the time to exercise like we want to or give ourselves the care that we need. This is where SENSO Light Legs massage can be particularly beneficial.

By encouraging blood flow and promoting lymphatic drainage, the body is releasing old toxins and pent up energy – being replaced with fresh new blood. What’s more, much like in the Anti-Cellulite Massage, this treatment can target problematic areas to firm and reduce the appearance of dimpled skin on the legs specifically.

A Space for Self-Loving at SENSO

SENSO Skin Experts brings years of experience to our non-invasive, natural treatments. Massage is our main focus, offering three different rejuvenating body treatments, including anti-cellulite, leg treatments, and lymphatic drainage in NYC.

Book your spot for a body massage at SENSO for inner radiance and results that speak for themselves.