The Benefits of a Facial Massage: Latest Beauty Trends Explained

The Evolution of the Face Massage

While it’s recently gained popularity, using massage on the face isn’t a new idea. It has its roots in ancient civilizations in Egypt, China, and India, as far back as the third century BCE. Even back then, it wasn’t just about pain relief – it had cosmetic benefits, too. In the 18th-19th century, Swedish massage built on what came before, standardizing massage techniques and terminology still used today.

Presently, you may have seen celebrities tapping into the benefits of facial massage as a natural, non-surgical way to rejuvenate their skin. For example, Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Kerr, and even Megan, the Duchess of Sussex, are said to use this treatment. With deepening interest in non-invasive skincare, tools like the gua sha, jade rollers, and ice globes have taken the celebrity beauty world by storm, and for good reason – the results speak for themselves.

How It Works: Essential Tools & Techniques

Whether you’re making it part of your at-home beauty routine or visiting a professional for a deeply rejuvenating treatment, a few basic tools and techniques will help you get the full benefits of face massage.

If you’re doing it yourself, start by sweeping your fingers across your skin, following the contours of your face. Make sure to always move outwards and upwards. Then, move your fingers up and around from your nose to the top of your cheekbones. If you’re treating your neck, use light upward strokes to help lift and firm the skin. Only apply as much pressure as feels good.

When it comes to massage tools, each type has its own specialized technique, so we recommend you do your research before you buy one. For most tools, start with a moisturizer or facial oil to help the tool move smoothly across your skin. However, If you have any swelling, bruising, or cuts on your face, it’s best to wait until they have healed before starting your massage.

Benefits That Go Beyond Beauty

The words intraoral and buccal often come up in relation to facial massage. Both terms refer to the same kind of massage. The word buccal comes from the Latin word for “cheek,” which gives a clue to where this massage is focused. Intraoral focuses on the mouth and cheeks, with some of the massage taking place inside the mouth.

A buccal facial massage has more than beauty benefits. If you suffer from sinus or jaw problems, this technique can help provide relief, stimulating sinus drainage and targeting tight jaw muscles. Many of us carry our daily stress in our jaw without realizing it. A buccal massage allows your massage therapist to get into these forgotten muscles and release them.

What’s more, addressing the tightness in your facial muscles relaxes your skin, too, resulting in a lifted, lighter look. This massage increases blood flow and improves circulation, leaving you glowing from the inside out.

Signature FaceBioLift Massage

While you can do some face massage techniques on yourself, nothing compares to being in the hands of an experienced massage therapist. The SENSO FaceBioLift massage is the ultimate natural facelift massage. It combines a variety of research-backed massage techniques, and It’s more than just a beauty treatment – you’ll walk out feeling refreshed in both mind and body. Developed by SENSO founder and natural rejuvenation spa expert Valerie Terletskiy, FaceBioLift comes as a result of years of research and hands-on experience. It incorporates a variety of massage techniques that come together to give you the ultimate face massage experience, including sculptural, lymphatic, essential oil, and buccal massage. In addition to the expert hand massage, FaceBioLift includes tools like gua sha, taking the best elements of each type of facial massage and combining them into a single superlative treatment.

Get Confidence & Glowing Skin at SENSO

It’s easy to see why face massages have taken the beauty world by storm. And this is no fly-by-night trend – it’s here to stay as a part of your beauty arsenal. After all, facial massage has a unique ability to rejuvenate the skin naturally without the need for invasive procedures.

As with anything, working with a reputable provider ensures the best results. At SENSO, our team has been trained at the highest level to ensure that every treatment leaves you feeling like a million dollars inside and out. Find out more about our face massages, or treat yourself to an appointment with us.