The JetPeel Hair Regeneration Hype Explained

JetPeel is known for its remarkable success in improving the texture of the skin for a beautiful, oh-so-youthful look. But lately, it’s causing quite a stir for much more than its surface-level transformations.

This innovative hair regeneration solution quickly and conveniently stimulates the scalp below the surface to encourage hair growth, naturally. In this blog, we’ll explore the impact this scalp spa treatment can have for healthier, younger-looking hair.

What is a JetPeel Treatment for Hair?

A JetPeel hair treatment is a natural and non-invasive solution that prevents hair loss and and slowing down the effects of aging. This safe and innovative scalp spa technology nourishes your scalp and tackles hair issues at the root. It’s a treatment that works wonders on all hair types and textures, resulting in thicker and more luxurious locks.

Full Hair Growth Potential: How It Works

JetPeel is a cutting-edge skincare technology that uses intense jet pressure to exfoliate, hydrate, and revitalize the skin. Combined with nourishing serums, JetPeel reaches deep into the scalp to deliver powerhouse ingredients to follicles in need of a little extra TLC. This 30-minute hair treatment works its magic by stimulating the hair follicles to increase blood flow and encourage healthier hair growth over time.

When you’re considering treatments that target sensitive areas like the scalp, safety is essential. Unlike other invasive hair treatments, JetPeel is safe and doesn’t use needles or harsh chemicals. However, when booking your JetPeel treatment, we recommend choosing a reputable scalp spa for peace of mind to ensure expertise and safety.

What to Expect Before a Session

Once you’ve decided that JetPeel is right for you, there are a couple of simple steps to follow. When working with our professional team at SENSO Skin Experts, you’ll have a one-on-one consultation and a personal assessment to get clear of your needs and goals first. Then, you’ll need to prepare for your revitalizing JetPeel scalp treatment.

Consultation & Assessment

During the personalized consultation, we’ll assess your hair and discover your unique needs. Our specialists will evaluate the health of your hair, your concerns, and your goals to customize a treatment plan that works for you.

Preparation Guidelines:

Preparing for a JetPeel session is simple. You won’t need to follow a special diet or skincare routine. However, it’s best to arrive with clean, dry hair – and since you will be lying down during the session, try to dress comfortably. Consider leaving any jewelry or accessories at home or remove them before your treatment, too.

Aftercare: Nurturing Results for Optimal Hair Health

One of the appeals of JetPeel is that there is little to no downtime post-treatment. However, there are still some guidelines we recommend you follow once you’ve completed your scalp treatment.

Gentle Cleansing

Try to avoid washing your hair for at least five hours post-treatment. When you do wash your hair, we recommend you use a mild shampoo, preferably one that is sulfate-free. Do be gentle when washing your hair to avoid irritating your scalp, using lukewarm water instead of hot water.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Although JetPeel is non-invasive, your scalp has received a certain level of stimulation and will need some TLC. So, avoid any harsh hair products, chemicals, or anything with alcohol or fragrances to avoid irritation. This includes hair dyes and treatments. In fact, it’s best to avoid coloring or chemically treating your hair for at least a week after treatment to take care of your scalp.

Sun Protection

Since your scalp may be sensitive, do not expose it to direct sunlight for a couple of days after your treatment. If you do go outdoors, where a har or a (gentle!) scalp-friendly sunscreen to shield your scalp from harmful UV rays.

Unlock Your Hair’s Full Potential With JetPeel

JetPeel is an innovative treatment that nurtures your scalp and enhances the thickness and appearance of your hair. This non-invasive hair regeneration approach comes with customizable solutions that cater to all hair types, targeting hair loss concerns directly at the root.

If you’re curious about JetPeel and what it can do for you, reach out to the SENSO team to schedule your treatment today. Your journey to luscious locks begins now!