The Ultimate Guide to Preventive Skincare for Under-30s at Our NYC Beauty Clinic

How do New Yorkers stay so attractive? One secret includes their visits to rejuvenation spas. Another is the buzz around preventative aging treatments. Forget anti-aging, people far and wide are stopping sagging skin in its tracks with natural, non-invasive, needle-free techniques that work.

Enter JetPeel, facial massage, and buccal massage – treatments all renowned for their skim-firming, skin-glowing, confidence-boosting effects. But did you know that they’re great for preventing the onset of aging, too? Let’s tuck into three preventive skincare options we love and why.

1. JetPeel Facials: Taking Skincare to New Heights

JetPeel entered the US market in 2018, and for many who’ve tried it – there’s no turning back. It’s a quick and easy procedure that’s non-invasive and needle-free. Like many of the most effective anti-aging treatments, JetPeel stimulates the body’s natural healing capabilities. 

Professional med spas use JetPeel to rejuvenate the skin. The process enhances blood circulation and allows for deeper penetration of products. It’s also highly moisturizing, leading to healthier skin. Healthier skin produces more collagen, the body’s natural anti-aging agent that keeps it looking smooth and beautiful.

2. The Power of Facial Massage: Nurturing Your Skin’s Well-Being

Facial massages are specialized massage techniques created for your face. Offered at select rejuvenation spas, these treatments make use of pressure and specific motions to boost blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and ease tension. Some massages are performed with just the hands, while others may use a gua sha or face roller, depending on the treatment.


Although facial massage has seen a recent comeback, it’s said to have begun in the third century by the Greeks. Even then, it was known for its health-promoting and beauty-enhancing properties. In fact, research has even proved that facial massage can slow down aging. But how?


Lymphatic drainage is a key element here, as the process detoxifies the body. Again, blood circulation is a benefit, too. Both keep the skin healthy, and healthy skin produces more collagen, and remember that collagen is responsible for your skin’s elasticity. Facial massages also promote product absorption and decrease tension. These, along with the above benefits, are said to be the secret behind the treatment’s anecdotal success.

SENSO offers three different facial massages, including our signature FaceBioLift, Total Relax, and Buccal (Intraoral) Massage, with outstanding results.

3. Buccal Massage: Sculpting Your Best Self

A buccal massage is a form of facial massage. However, this rejuvenation spa specialty focuses on certain parts of the face, including the mouth and jaw – from the outside and inside. This is why it’s also known as the intraoral massage.

Much like other natural preventative skincare treatments, buccal massage also helps promote lymphatic drainage. It’s a form of deep tissue massage for the face that removes blockages and detoxifies for healthier skin. The result is relaxed, smoother, and firmer skin with similar effects to Botox (without the needles or unnatural-looking results!)

A Touch of Rejuvenation at SENSO

Targeting dull skin before you see the effects of aging or treating fine lines before they deepen into wrinkles are key for ensuring you enter your 30s, 40s, and beyond gracefully and confidently. Incredibly deep wrinkles are difficult to treat, but healthy skin, along with regular facial massages, almost treats themselves.

Keeping your blood circulating, stimulating collagen production, and detoxifying the skin creates healthier skin that begins to heal from the inside out. Contact SENSO Skin Experts for a Manhattan spa experience like no other, and give yourself the TLC you deserve.