What Is Non-Invasive Cosmetology & Why Is It So Popular?

Everyone has those little things about themselves that they wish they could fix, even if no one else notices them. For a long time, surgery was seen as the only way to change anything about your appearance in mainstream culture.

The good news is that non-invasive cosmetic treatments have been growing in popularity for years, and they’re having a moment right now. You can rejuvenate at a spa in NY, no doctor’s visit or prescription required.

Aging Gracefully: The Natural Approach

Cosmetic procedures in 2023 aren’t about pretending that age doesn’t exist. Rather, the ideal now is to maintain an age-appropriate appearance, refined and elegant. Looking your age doesn’t have to mean looking old.

You can show your inner youthfulness to the world with a more gradual, subtle approach. Taking care of your skin and treating yourself to anti-aging treatments that use natural active ingredients and the body’s own capacity for healing will never go out of style.

When it comes to the desire to rejuvenate, spa treatments unlock a world of non-invasive, safe possibilities. Non-invasive procedures have the benefit of avoiding the unnatural look that people often fall into with cosmetic surgery and the like. That’s why the concept of “aging gracefully” has become popular, the kind of natural-looking results reflected in the treatments we offer.

Get A Glow-Up On Your Schedule

Another big plus of the non-invasive beauty treatment is how it fits into your life, with minimal or no recovery time. The sessions themselves don’t take hours either; in just sixty to ninety minutes, depending on the treatment, you can walk out of your favorite spa rejuvenated. Unlike surgical procedures, you can schedule your appointment when it is convenient for you, not according to your doctor’s schedule.

While some treatments may be uncomfortable, recovery time is usually limited to a day or two. With some treatments, like JetPeel, there’s no downtime at all – you can get straight back to your busy life after your session.

Those with very sensitive skin may experience a bit of redness after their treatment, but it is not painful and will soon fade. Our signature face massages may leave your face feeling a little tender if you have a lot of muscle tension, but that won’t stop you from getting on with your day and will fade as the long-lasting effects of the massage sink in, easing the tension.

Weighing The Risks: Complications & Side Effects

Part of the reason why non-invasive treatments have become so popular is the real risks involved in any surgery, cosmetic or otherwise. Any time you have to go under anesthetic, there is a chance that complications can develop, sometimes regardless of how competent your doctor is. Even after the surgery, there are side effects to contend with.

While non-invasive treatments side-step the surgical complications, one should still be aware of the possibility of side effects. This is why it’s so important to choose a trusted beauty clinic or spa for your treatments. Trained professionals can advise you on whether a certain treatment will be suitable for your skin type or what options are open to you. Some treatments are not advisable while pregnant, for example, as the increase in hormones tends to make your skin more sensitive.

Always be upfront with your therapist about any sensitivity or skin issues you may have experienced. Our facial massages have been designed to be suitable for all skin types, but some essential oils and other products used may need to be omitted if you have reactive skin.

A Truly Rejuvenating Salon & Spa Experience

Never let your fears stop you from feeling beautiful! With our non-invasive treatments, you can soften the signs of aging and bring out your inner glow. The knives, needles, and big medical bills aren’t necessary to achieve gorgeous natural results.

At SENSO, we specialize in hands-on, non-invasive treatments that are effective without becoming a drain on your life or your wallet. Don’t miss out on our signature FaceBioLift massage and walk out feeling the rejuvenated spa feeling that brings a youthful glow from the inside out. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment with us today.